To be handled with caree, your energy is a valued essence that everyone begs and craves to get their hands on. Using the command /extract, you will drain an amount of energy from your pickaxe and turn it into Raw Energy, in the form of an enchanted light blue dye.

Raw Energy can be applied (drag and drop) to all swords, armour and pickaxes to allow the gear to be enchantable. When applied, make your way to the cosmic wormhole. If your gear is surging with cosmic energy, throw it at the wormhole for a chance at receiving one of the various enchantments.

Remember Prisoners, this is a game changer. Do not treat this lightly, energy will be coursing through your veins if you’re not vigilant. Click here to read more.


With the introduction of Energy Extraction, we’re delivered with a new means of enchantments. A necessity get suited up, you mustn't leave a gang member behind. Soon inmates will be swarming the cells with only the most robust and extraordinary gear.

New enchantments are essential with an update like so, only the best of the best can wield such substantial power. Thus, I bring to you, all new custom enchantments.


Electricity pulses through your sword, strike your enemies and have a chance to send a surge of electricity through your opponents.


Extra power on your sword, you hit your enemies so hard you have a chance to send them into immediate confusion.


Lighting bounces off your blade, hitting an enemy has a chance to spring bolts of lightning upon your opponent and do damage overtime.


The heat from the sun is within you, when fighting enemies you have a chance to breath fire on them.


All Armour
When hit, ignite opposing player in flames, teaching them that you will fight fire with fire.


All Armour
Chance to confuse and curse your enemy by leaving their memory fuzzy. Confuses player by making their head all loopy.


All Armour
Designed to tank hits, but will allow you to fight as normal. This can be extremely useful when fighting against runners.


All Armour
Close to death and almost ready to give up, this enchant will give you that rush of adrenaline you need to come back on top as victorious. At low health, you will quicken your pace.


All Armour
An enchant brought from the gods, overload will grant you the wishes you forever desired. This will give all of the extra health you could fathom.


All Armour
This isn’t a game of dodgeball, but that’s not reason you can’t swiftly move from attackers. This enchant will allow you to dodge and stop damage intake.


All Armour
Are you trying to duck for cover? Although, that won’t work at all, crouching has it’s perks. Take hits like a boss whilst crouching.


All Armour
This enchant is the chance you’ve been waiting for, with this enchantment you have the chance of pushing your opponent mines away from you, giving you the opportunity to attack at full force.


Usain Bolt has nothing on you. This enchantment allows you to run at super speeds. Scared to die? No worries, you’ll be zooming out of there before your enemies can say ‘The Flash?’.

MINING LEVEL 101 - Charge Rate.

It courses through your veins. You silently chuckle at the peons who struggle to tap the energy that flows so easily upon you. You have mastered the secrets of energy multiplication.

MINING LEVEL 102 - Emeralds

The myth, the legend; Emeralds. Once a fable, their acquisition tantalizing, enough to drive a prisoner insane. The power, the wealth, now at your fingertips. Pity those who are beneath you.